Why would a bird shit a proper question mark?

I had a lot of questions in my head. And no idea where I was and what to do. Nor how to go on. Nor on which way. Completely disorientated. Not that it bothered me that much. Actually, it was quite ‘here and now’. And there and then I found the shit on the staircase. Because I looked DOWN, not UP. Did the universe want to tell me something? Was it a hint? Or…

… could it have been Nietzsche, reincarnated?

A nocturne Sandwich congregation

I found them in the middle of the night, in the middle of the road. How did they get there? Did they fall like this? Had somebody laid them down? Don’t they look like two married couples? The men talking business. Very coolly. The women clearly agitated. I’d like to know what’s going on….

Anybody out there speaking Sandwich?

Carwash Meditation

I recommend carwash meditations. Quickly relaxing and just fine. A bit hypnotizing as well, with all those wiping tissues, the bubbles on the front window and endlessly flowing water. It’s like being in a parallel universe for a minute or two. Then you’re getting awake by the giant blower, and you realize that you will have to come back.

Drive through!


Enchanted Forest

What a strange day that was. It felt like snow in april. With everything upside down. Nice in a way…

Why not shift angles and think the other way round?